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The rate you see on the developer profiles is the rate you pay. No extra fees. The average rate for a developer is $34/hour

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What is micro1?
We help companies hire the best remote developers easily.
How does the free trial work?
Once you find a developer you like, you get to test them for 1 week, no cost, no questions asked.
Will the developer work directly for me?
The developer will be in direct contact with you and your company. You can also add the developer to all of your company channels and softwares; however, you will not be directly hiring the developer, you will be hiring micro1. Hiring micro1 builds a layer of abstraction for the legal, pay, and benefits.
How does billing work?
You pay us for a full time or part time developer. The total pay is the developer's rate * hours a week. We take care of paying the developer.
How are you different?
1.) We have a unique interview process that has a large emphasis on the developer's soft skills.

2.) We have a 1 week free trial that allows you to test the developer in the best way possible.

3.) We have a very transparent pricing model; the price you see on the developer's profiles is the price you pay, no extra fees at all.
What technologies do micro1 developers know?
React, Node.js, AWS, design, and much more
Is there a contract?
Our contract is month to month and you can cancel anytime.
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